An Electronic Monster #16 - Spaceship
光電獸 #16 - 太空船

Site-Specific Installation
LED, Electronic devices, Speaker
30m (W) x 12m (H) x 30m (D)

crew : TSENG Jui-Pin / 曾睿彬
special thanks : CHANG Tung-Sheng / 張東勝、LIN Orilla / 林育潔、LEE Chin Ni / 李金妮

In this work, the artist explores the relationship between humans and their build environments. Here he uses light and sound to convert a simple bridge into ‘Spaceship’. The audience passes from one side to the other through a soundscape of movie special effects and are invited to make their own contribution to the sounds using the available microphones.

The lights of the spaceship respond and react to the sounds, so the audience becomes fundamental to both the creation of the art and the enjoyment of the work.


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