An Electronic Monster #17 - Ceiling ft.Sky Gallery
光電獸 #17 - 天花板 ft.天空藝廊

Site-Specific Installation
LED, Electronic devices, Speaker
7m (W) x 3.8m (H) x 44m (D)

crew : TSENG Jui-Pin / 曾睿彬
special thanks : LIN Orilla / 林育潔、LEE Chin Ni / 李金妮

This piece were installed on the ceiling, which presents a different relationship between the wall and the ground and giving the ground for the audience.

It will be four microphone clearly visible in the space, it is a specific object to lead participant make a sound at it. They will find out that the sound they created will directly appear in the light in the exhibition, this allowed the audience from controlling light in the exhibition area though their own movement or interact with the audience together to create the sound and light in the exhibition area. The interaction in narrow sense was discussed in this artwork: sound, light, shadow. The generalized interaction were also be discussed: interpersonal communication. Whether the audience you know or you do not know them.

Light and electricity were always the main axis of Chung-Han YAO’s creation. In the early days, he found out the most beautiful in the fluorescent lamp flicks by switching on or off them. Recently, he uses the computer program to control his artwork, attempts to present an ineffable state of work in the space, such as the unknown beast it exist.




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