An Electronic Monster #2-Ceiling ft. Taipei MOCA
光電獸 #2 - 天花板 ft. Taipei MOCA

LED, Electronic devices, Sperker
600cm (W) x 330cm (D) x 650cm (H)

special thanks : TSENG Yen-Che/曾彥哲, KUO Feng-Wei/郭豐瑋

An Electronic Monster #2-Ceiling is a sound-light installation that focuses on spatiality. The artist, Chung-Han Yao, has positioned this installation work on the ceiling, where it could not be touched. This offers the audience a perspective that consists purely of just seeing, with their residual perceptions for their bodies inside the given space rekindled. On the other hand, the distorted rearrangement of real-time signals used in abundance in the sound portion of the installation brings in elements that are connected to emotions, with the audience guided into a different space-time, seemingly detached from the present space in a spiritual manner.




Taipei Art Awards / 臺北美術獎
Group Exhibition
Nov.23, 2017 - Feb.4, 2018
Taipei MOCA / 臺北當代藝術館,臺北