An Electronic Monster #21 - Scan the Trace
光電獸 #21 - 痕跡掃描


Site-Specific Installation 
LED, Electronic devices, Audience's portable device
20m (W) x 15m (H) 

crew : TSENG Jui-Pin / 曾睿彬 
special thanks : CHANG Tung Sheng / 張東勝、WONG I Ian / 黃綺欣、LIAO Chung Kai / 廖崇凱、LIN Guan Lun / 林冠綸、
SUN Ho Chien / 孫和謙、HSIEH Ching Yun / 謝清芸

In order to survive, people have installed guidelines in our living environment in order for more comfort to be accessed. The environment has then sprawled closer to people and dwells in humans’ living quarters, as the two coexist under limited conditions and ambiguous relationships. Sometimes architectural structures are created using environmental elements, and there are also times when new environmental landscapes are created using architecture. There are rules and guidelines in both architecture and ecology, but they also often reference and depend on each other.

An Electronic Monster #21 –Scan the Trace is located on a historical cross-section inside the Treasure Hill Artist Village. The cross- section and the surrounding ecology have fused together through the progression of time and have come to form a unique landscape. The installation consists of three parallel lines, and the framework created resembles a kind of music staff. Through rhythmically moving light and shadows, each shifting movement within this framework is presented for the audience to see. The interaction designed for this particular Electronic Monster is relatively more ambiguous, or closer to our everyday lives.

Music for this artwork is produced by “BCB” (By Chance to Be). BCB is run by artist Yao Chung-Han’s studio. It has co-produced many collaborative projects with people from spatial design, industrial design, and music industries and has plans to work with more interesting and diverse creators in the future.
Members: YAO Chung-Han, TSENG Jui-Pin


〈光電獸 #21- 痕跡掃描〉位於寶藏巖國際藝術村的歷史斷面,斷面與生態交融經過時間的蔓延,成為目前特殊的景色,裝置的三條平行軸線如樂譜的框架, 透過光與影的律動讓觀眾看到在框架內的每一個瞬間。 此次光電獸的互動方式更為隱晦,或是更靠近我們生活。

此次作品的音樂由「剛好發生 」製作。「剛好發生」由藝術家姚仲涵的工作室組成,過去有許多空間、工設、音樂等背景之夥伴參與作品的協作,未來將集結更多元更有趣的創作者令作品剛好發生。參與成員 : 姚仲涵、曾睿彬。

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