An Electronic Monster #19 - Grasses & Trees
光電獸 #19 - 草與樹

Site-Specific Installation
LED, Electronic devices, Speaker
25m (W) x 25m (D)

crew : TSENG Jui-Pin / 曾睿彬
special thanks : CHANG Tung Sheng / 張東勝、LIN Orilla / 林育潔、LEE Chin Ni / 李金妮

"An Electronic Monster #19" extends light from the grassland to the bushes behind the artwork to create two visions, one the message of light and object, and the other the visual effect making light flowing between the bushes. The sound and light go through these two spaces, and with the interaction of viewers' sounds, the Electronic Monster is summoned to redefine light, shadow, and space.


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